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Imagine A Show exists because of the people and organizations below.

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Jason Panda

Jason Panda

Founder / Co-Ordinator

Jason is an active Art Educator who works in and outside the classroom to provide opportunities and collaborative environments for young and aspiring artists. In all of his projects he avoids the paint-by-number approach where the results are prescribed and predictable. Instead, Jason strives to develop concepts that are unique and inclusive while truly celebrating the art, artists and vision.

Jason first created Imagine A Show to inspire and build confidence in our youth and, each year, he is excited to see the excitement and pride of the contributing artists as they explore their cameras and talk about their work.

As an Artist & Designer with a camera, Jason creates personal and professional work with many media types blending traditional and digital techniques. His own work is inspired by the energy of his students and is influenced by his environment, family and colleagues. | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

Lori Crewe

Lori Crewe

Designer / Marketing

Lori describes herself as a visual storyteller and unabashed daydreamer.  Over the past several years she has dedicated most of her spare time scouring flea markets and garage sales for photo props, sketching new ideas and creating digital photographs.  For her efforts, her photographs have received international recognition through various publications and awards. More recently, Lori has ventured into commercial photography, concentrating on food and environmental portraiture at LA Crewe Photography.

Lori has been an integral member of the Imagine A Show team since the beginning and has not only leant her talents to posters and designs but has also singlehandedly designed and assembled our annual books. | | Instagram

Anestis Papoutsis

Anestis Papoutsis


Anestis is a Communications teacher who loves his job which encompasses tech, creativity & learning. This passion can be seen in his work as a travel and documentary photographer.

Anestis has supported this project for a number of years and, in 2016, takes on a formal lead in our educational offerings. | Instagram | Twitter

Thanks to our fantastic Supporters

Together, we share a common vision and contribute time and resources to encourage and celebrate our youth. If you’re interested in being part of the team and / or believe you have something that could develop the project please let us know!