Fantastic! You're submitting a photo!

Our annual collection is open to ALL photographers ages 0-18.

Before you submit your photo, make sure you consider…


What's your photo about?

Each year we have themes and / or challenges to get you thinking about your photography. And, as the photographer, you have creative freedom to interpret these themes & challenges however you’d like!

Just remember to think about what your photo is about and why you might be taking it. Who knows… Someone might ask!


Is it in focus?

When taking your photo make sure you think about what’s in focus. This will probably be the main point of interest for your photo!

And when it comes to quality, we’ll need a photo with at least 6 megapixels so that it looks great in print. If you’re not sure what this means then just send us a high quality photo and we’ll see what we can do.


Does it look like a photo?

You can finish your photo however you’d like, but your final image should still be recognized as a photograph and not a piece of digital art or mixed media.

Watch the contrast (extreme brights and darks). And if you’re using your phone… don’t overdo it on the filters!


What's the filename & filetype?

We’ll need your photo as a JPG. (Remember… high quality!)

And, because we’re dealing with 1000s of photos, it’s very helpful if you rename your photo to something clever (ie. your name) instead of random letters and numbers.

Can you recognize someone in your photo?

If so, you’ll need to complete the Model Release Form too!

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Now you're ready!

Sending us your photo(s) has 2 steps... The information... The photo(s)... Ready? Go! Tell us about you & the photoSend the photo(s) - Use the password 'ias2016'