Create an awesome looking photo using Balance!

So how does it work?

  1. When you’ve figured out what you’d like to take a photo of, there are two ways to balance it.
  2. You can put your subject right in the middle and use the space around it to balance it with symmetry
  3. OR, you can put it on either side to create some visual tension that draws the eye from left or right.
  4. These are the two main types of balance.  Formal and Informal.
  5. Have a look at some examples below!

Above there are two photos.  The photo of the lightbulb is an example of Formal Balance.  That means, that your main item in the picture is right in the middle and is surrounded by something that balances it.  In this case, it is the space around it. There is symmetry or, equal things around your main subject.

The second photo is an example of Informal Balance.  The Inukshuk is on the right side which causes the balance to feel heavy on one side, and as a result makes your eye go to the other side to see what is there and Mr. Panda is in view as a result.

This ‘tension’ causes the eye to go around the photo and this is a great technique to make your viewer look around.

Whichever balance technique you wish to use will make your photos interesting!


Using balance will create can create pleasing photos to look at!

Can you Balance your photo?

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