You can be creative with Manual focus!

Focus can create sharp images, or you can use it to create different shapes and textures! Learn how!

So how does it work?

  1. Usually your camera will automatically focus for you and take great clear shots.
  2. By not having everything in focus, we can play with shapes and light and be creative!
  3. Set your camera to Manual Focus MF (each camera is a little different so you might have to look it up, usually called MF)
  4. You can then adjust the focus yourself.
  5. If you have a lens with a focus ring, you can turn it left or right to adjust the focus.
  6. If you have a point and shoot camera, it usually two buttons that controls the focus.
  7. Once you see what you like, click the shutter button to capture your work!

What you can focus on is up to you!

Sometimes shiny objects can create some nice round orbs.

The first photo was using light from a restaurant, and the second photo was using the reflection on water at a nearby creek.

The third photo is of Mr. Panda while he was taking a photo.  I had my camera set to Manual Focus and wanted to grab a shadow-like image of his silhouette.

It’s easy to use Manual Focus to see the world around you in a different way!

Can you capture a creative picture using Manual Focus?

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Anestis is a Communications teacher who loves his job which encompasses tech, creativity & learning. This passion can be seen in his work as a travel and documentary photographer.