Dance to the visual Rhythm!

So how does Rhythm in photography work?

  1. Rhythm can help create a visual beat.
  2. Repeated shapes and things in your picture can cause this.
  3. There are different types of Rhythm:
    • Regular rhythm is when there are equally spaced objects repeating, (such as windows on a flat wall
    • Progressive rhythm is a repeated object but not equally spaced, (such as stairs)
    • Random rhythm, (such as leaves on the ground)
    • Alternating rhythm, which is shapes that are similar and alternate, (such as a skyline of a city with different buildings)
  4. Look for shapes or items that are in a rhythm pattern!
  5. Angle yourself to get the best result (don’t forget to use your composition skills!)
  6. Snap your Photo!

You can use any shape or object to create rhythm!

Look at some of the examples above and see if you can figure out what type of rhythm each one is!

Using Rhythm can help create more interest in your subject and create a visual beat for your eyes!

Can you create rhythm in your photos?

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Anestis is a Communications teacher who loves his job which encompasses tech, creativity & learning. This passion can be seen in his work as a travel and documentary photographer.