When you take a photo of something or someone… where do you put it in your picture? Is it right in the middle of the frame? Why not try this instead!

  1. Find something to take a photo of. (This is your subject!)
  2. Imagine a Tic-Tac-Toe grid on your scene
  3. Instead of putting the subject in the middle, move it left or right until your subject is on one of the vertical lines.
  4. Take the photo!

This technique is one way we can use something called the RULE OF THIRDS. Some people feel that this type of shot is more interesting than having your object right in the middle of the frame.

David P-C (Age 10) took this fantastic photo for our 2015 collection and shifted his subject to the left. See how the sculpture looks into the negative space on the right? The photo is definitely more interesting than if he’d placed it right in the middle.

Can you shift your subject and take a photo using the Rule of Thirds?

Take a photo using the Rule of Thirds!

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