Have you noticed that the world is full of interesting patterns?

Why not try taking a photo of JUST the pattern by getting close and not showing anything else. It’s amazing how beautiful a simple pattern can be once you get rid of everything around it.

Stop and look at the ground, the wall, your hand, a leaf, etc. Explore your surroundings and see how many different patterns you can find.

Remember! Make sure that your photo is in focus and, if you can, try getting REALLY close with MACRO. (It’s the little flower button on most digital cameras.)

Michelle A (Age 16) took this fantastic photo for our 2013 collection and got REALLY close to drops of water. Notice how some drops are in focus and other’s aren’t? This happens when you get really close with MACRO.

 Can you take a photo of a pattern? Can you get REALLY close so that it becomes a ‘What is it’ mystery?

What patterns can you find?

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Submit your photos to the collection!

Jason is an Artist & Designer (with a camera) and the founder of Imagine A Show. He creates personal and professional work with many media types blending traditional and digital techniques. His own work is inspired by the energy of his students and is influenced by his environment, family and colleagues. kwpanda.com