Don’t just take a normal photo… Frame it!

So how does it work?

  1. Figure out what you want to take a photo of (your subject).
  2. Now look around to see if there is a way to frame or surround your subject with something else. (It can be anything!)
  3. Move around so that you can focus on your subject and show the frame around it.
  4. Snap your Photo!

What you use for a frame can be anything natural or manmade. It can be branches, a fence, a wall, people… Anything at all!

Above is a photo taken at Waterloo Park. You’ll see that I’m framing the building in the back with the pergola and I’m using the Rule of Thirds too!

In the other photo (Corfu, Greece) I surround most of the image with the natural frame of the leaves.

You’ll see that framing will create more interest and focus with your subject!

Can you frame your photo?

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Anestis is a Communications teacher who loves his job which encompasses tech, creativity & learning. This passion can be seen in his work as a travel and documentary photographer.